Politically Savvy: Disaster Relief–And How to Help

The last few weeks of headlines, especially those coming out of Asia, have not been pretty. First a cyclone ravaged Myanmar on May 2-3, leaving over 133,000 people dead or missing.

 Days later, a massive earthquake hit China, causing thousands of deaths, many of whom are still buried beneath the rubble.

Then on May 13, terrorist bombs rocked the city of Jaipur, India, killing 80 and injuring 200, and destroying large parts of the city.  When all three of these countries are thousands of miles away from us, it's hard to understand what they must be going through right now–until you see the footage on CNN. 

If you want to help, there's many ways to get involved in disaster relief, even from far away–whether it's by donating money, organizing events, or simply spreading awareness about the events that have taken place around the world. Check out this article for ten ideas on how to help Myanmar, or this one from Idealist.org on how to take part in disaster relief.


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