Politically Savvy: Free Burma

Last Friday, I was really pleased to see many of my fellow classmates walking around all day wearing red shirts. Why? In protest of what is happening in Burma right now. In August, the government raised the price of fuel overnight. These price increases hit Burmese citizens hard, and the economic struggles they faced led them to begin protesting. The government has responded by violently breaking up peaceful rallies, and now many of the monks in Burma, who have a long history of being involved in politics, have also taken to the streets and are protesting against the government.

Thousands of people are now involved, and the monks have described the harsh military dictatorship there as "the enemy of the people." Many people have been shot in at least one incident, and the military are now patrolling the streets to crack down on any further protesters. The situation for Burmese citizens and expatriates around the world is getting desperately bleak. There may not seem like there's a whole lot we can do about what's going on in Burma, but the least we can do is educate ourselves about the situation and be informed. Read more about the latest in Burma here.

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