Politically Savvy: Gutter Politics

As the election heats up more than ever and the primary season continues to drag on when it should have ended months ago, the campaigns are getting nastier. Both Clinton and Obama's campaigns have engaged in gutter politics – mud-slinging, name-calling, badmouthing, whatever you want to call it.

Obama has accused Clinton of being untruthful, deceitful, hypocritical – among other things – even though he promised at the beginning of his campaign not to "tear people down personally". Clinton has accused him of being shifty, inexperienced, naiive, dishonest, etc. It's common in politics, the pundits say. No politician can run a successful campaign, especially for president, without engaging in at least a little mudslinging.

 Is that true? Has the US political system descended into such low depths that officials can no longer be elected without attacking their opponnents' personal character? What do you think?

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