Politically Savvy: Hillary Clinton For Secretary of State

Did you think Hillary Clinton was fading out of the public spotlight after her campaign for the presidency ended in June? Think again. Rumors have been circulating for weeks that President-elect Barack Obama may nominate Senator Clinton for Secretary of State, one of the highest and most-respected positions in his cabinet. An interesting move, indeed. And this past week, those rumors were confirmed by Obama's team: he is nominating his rival Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State.

Obama's logic is that he has read a book called "Team of Rivals," which describes how President Abraham Lincoln handpicked his cabinet to be a team of rivals, in the interest of building the strongest team possible, despite what issues there might be between individuals. It's the philosophy that Obama is now using as he puts together his administration, and is a stark change from many past presidents who have typically awarded positions to loyal followers and those who worked closely with them through the campaign.

So despite the fact that Senators Clinton and Obama ran a difficult, tense race against each other for several months, and exchanged more than a few digs at their opponents, Obama will now be announcing, Monday morning at 10:30 am EST, that he is nominating Senator Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State, the nation's highest diplomat. It's an interesting strategy, but will it work? Can the two rivals work together in a high-profile administration? Will Hillary be ok with deferring to President Obama's agenda?

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