Politically Savvy: A Historic Day in Iowa

For most of us, today is just another Monday. Maybe it’s an extra-stressful Monday with finals, exams, projects, and papers driving us a little insane. But for a few Americans in Iowa, today is a particularly historic day. Today, a recent ourt ruling gay unions legal in Iowa finally took effect, and gay couples have been lining up outside government offices this morning in Iowa to apply for their marriage licenses.

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled unanimously on April 3 that making gay marriage illegal would be unconstitutional, and thus became the third state in America (after Massachusetts and Vermont) to allow gay couples to wed. Many couple from neighboring midwestern states such as Minnesota are reported to be planning to go to Iowa to get married soon. However, gay rights groups have cautioned that in the eyes of the law, other states do not necessarily recognize same-sex marriages from another state. Despite that news, there is still expected to be an influx of same-sex couples travelling to Iowa to get married in the coming months.

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