Politically Savvy: Keep Track of Obama’s Promises with the Obameter

The election is long over, and the inauguration too. John McCain is back in the Senate, Sarah Palin is back in Alaska, George Bush back in Texas, and Barack Obama has moved into the White House. Who would have though, two years ago when this campaign first started, that we'd reach this day? It was certainly one hell of a long, long presidential election.

And along the way, both John McCain and Barack Obama made a lot of promises in their never-ending quest to win over the hearts, minds, and votes of the American people. Now that Obama has won, the expectations of him are enormously high.Millions of Americans want to see him succeed — and they want to see him fulfill the things he promised them when they voted for him!

But with all the stuff going on out there, and the overload of news and information we're bombarded with everyday, how does one really know if Obama is keeping his word or not?

Enter the Obameter, created by political fact-checking website Politifact. The gang at Politifact rouned up around 500 of the promises that Obama made on the campaign trail over the last two years, and their team is meticulously keeping track of the Obama administration's progress, so the American people can really see, in real-time, whether Obama is a man of his word or not. Cool, eh?

So far on the Obameter: 5 promises kept, 1 compromise, 0 promises broken, 1 stalled, 14 in the works, and 488 that he has not taken action on yet. 

Check it out HERE.

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