Politically Savvy: MySpace and MTV Bring Politics to College Students

I was really excited when I saw a story in the New York Times last week about MySpace and MTV teaming up to present the 2008 presidential candidates to young people in a new way. 

Young people participate in politics very little, sadly. The last time I checked, statistics showed that about two-thirds of eligible voters between 18 and 24 don't vote – which is disappointing because if we all voted, we could completely change the outcome of even a major election. 

That said, I think this new development is fantastic. MySpace and MTV are teaming up to produce "candid, unfiltered discussions" between young voters and the major presidential candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties. The actual discussions with the candidates will be held on several college campuses throughout the country, and broadcasted live on MTV and MySpace, and people can send in their own questions just like for the YouTube debates, using MySpaceIM, cell phones, and email.

“We are lowering the barriers to entry, setting a high-water mark for direct engagement between presidential candidates and average Americans,” said Chris DeWolfe, a.k.a. that other guy who founded MySpace who is NOT Tom. Pretty cool, I think. Between YouTube debates and MySpace/MTV candidate forums, it seems like America is finally paying attention to young people and trying to engage our generation in the political process!

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