Politically Savvy: Oprah Throws Support Behind Obama

As if politicians weren't racking up enough celebrity endorsements left and right, this weekend one of American's richest, most well-known women entered the political arena: Oprah got out on the campaign trail is the crucial state of South Carolina last weekend to lend her support to Senator Barack Obama for president.

"There are those who say it is not his time — that he should wait his turn," Winfrey told crowds of listeners. "Think of where you'd be in your life if you waited."

Oprah appeared alongside Obama and his wife Michelle, and the three spoke in Iowa, New Hampshire, and finally South Carolina over the course of two days. It's certainly an interesting tag-team – two people who can inspire and move audiences like no other; two people who defeated all the odds to become successful; and a woman who has almost universal appeal and is, arguably, more well-known than Obama himself. Can her support in three key swing states help Obama overcome Hillary Clinton, who is currently leading in the polls? We'll know in a mere few weeks when the primaries commence in January with the Iowa Caucuses….

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