Politically Savvy: Pennsylvania Primaries Looming

If you thought the primaries were cooling down after Super Tuesday and the months of February and March, think again!  One of the potentially most important races in the entire election season yet still remains: Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has long been a swing state, a battleground state, one  where no party has had a guaranteed win but the state posesses a substantial amount of electoral college votes/nomination delegates so candidates have worked hard to focus lots of campaign energy on winning this swing state. Since Clinton and Obama are neck and neck, with Clinton a few delegates behind Obama, this race could do one of two things: cement Obama's frontrunner status by putting him even farther ahead of Clinton, or give Clinton a last shot at the comeback she her campaign so desperately needs right now and refuses to give up on.

Even if you don't ligve in or even near Pennsylvania, this is an extremely important race to be watching. The election doesn't take place until April 22, but the media is already all over this story. Check out some interesting coverage of the leadup to the Pennsylvania primaries here and here.

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