Politically Savvy: The Politics of Having Children

It's no secret that abortion has been a hot-button topic in American politics in recent years. Almost everyone has an opinion on whether abortion is moral or immoral, whether it should be an available option to women or not. 

But recently, what's been attracting attention in the news is this story of Nadya Suleman, who recently gave birth to in vitro octuplets. Many doctors have questioned the health and safety risks of having in vitro octuplets. 

Others have questioned whether a single, at-risk woman — who, by the way, already had 6 children before the octuplets!– should be having eight additional children. Is it right? Is it okay for her to do this? Are there moral issues? Is it right for her to bring eight new children into the world? Can she, and will she be able to take care of and responsibly parent 14 children on her own? Even her mother doesn’t seem to think so.  

But at the same time, watching all the media attention that Nadya is receiving makes me ponder another question. Is it really our right to stick our noses in her business? Shouldn't she be able to have however many children she wants? Should society even be debating her right to have octuplets? Shouldn't we let her have some privacy?

What do you think? Is she making a risky decision, or does she have the right to do as she chooses in this situation?

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