Politically Savvy: Presidential Primaries Coming Up Soon

Are you registered to vote yet? Many of us know the importance of getting registered to vote before the general elections on November 4, 2008, which seems far away, and with finals and midterms and holidays making our lives crazy, getting registered to vote probably isn’t a high priority for most of us right now. But the presidential primaries are coming up, with the first rounds of them starting in January 2008, so it’s incredibly important to get yourself registered now if you want to have a voice in the upcoming primaries. If you have moved or changed your address (which college students typically do all the time….) you will need to re-register also, sometimes as much as 30 days before the election depending on what state you live in.

Need more information about registering, deadlines, or your state’s regulations? Check out this page from the American Association of University Women, which has the complete details on getting registered to vote. It will probably only take a couple minutes of your time today, but will allow you to vote in the upcoming elections and make a great investment in the future of our political system!

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