Politically Savvy: Stephen Colbert for President?

There have long been “One Million Strong for Barack” and “One Million Strong for Hillary” groups on Facebook supporting these two candidates in their bid for the White House, but perhaps not surprisingly, neither had reached its goal of one million supporters. What IS, surprising, however, and highly amusing, is that just days after the group “One Million Strong for Stephen Colbert” was created, it had over one million members and had becoming the fastest growing group in Facebook history, growing so fast that it created technical problems for the site!

Perhaps the most hilarious thing about a comedian getting so much more support for president then two of the actual frontrunner candidates, is the fact that Colbert then filed to run in the primary elections — and was rejected, since Democratic party officials in his home state of South Carolina agreed that his campaign wasn’t really serious and did not need to be on the ballot. Too bad….it would be an entertaining and interesting twist to see what would happen is this comedian could have gotten on the ballot and shaken things up a bit!

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