Politically Savvy: The Supreme Court debate

Last week, Supreme Court Justice David Souter announced that he would be retiring from the bench, at the age of 69. Souter was appointed by the first President Bush and had been on the bench ever since. This touched off a flurry of activity last week as millions of Americans began to speculate: who will President Obama appoint to the Supreme Court now? President Bush had appointed two justices during his term — it is suspected that Obama will have the chance to nominate at least 2-3 judges during his term. Currently, there is only one woman on the bench (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and there has never been a Latino or Asian American justice. Many people are suggesting President Obama should appoint a woman, perhaps a Latina woman. Many are already speculating that Judge Sonia Sotomayor is a frontrunner for the position and a likely appointee.

But should Supreme Court appointments be focused on diversity? What do you think? Is it important to you to put another woman on the bench?


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