Politically Savvy: Where do you stand on the stem-cell research debate?

If you've been watching the news closely this weekend, you may have noticed that there's talk of President Obama signing an Executive Order about stem cell research tomorrow. The order will lift previous Bush administration limits on human embryonic stem cell research. President Bush had put those limits in place in 2001, and the debate about the ethics of embryonic stem cell research has continued to rage on ever since. 

The Obama administration says this will "restore scientific integrity" to decision-making.

 Opponents of stem cell research quickly responded to the news, saying: "We have been and remain opposed to destruction of human embryos to advance science," said Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.

Stem cell research has been one of the new hot topics of American political debate in the last decade. Some claim it is unethical to use embryonic cells for scientific research, because they could have continued to grow and become children one day. Others claim embryonic stem cell research could allow us to find cures to tons of life-threatening diseases and it is worth using embryonic stem cells for them, which are nothing more than cells yet and are not, according to some, yet a real human life. 

What do you think? Is embryonic stem cell research ethical?


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