The Post Oscar Awards

The Oscar is over along with the frenzy that comes with it; the red carpet has been rolled up, but there is still another buzz in the air. And it might take a while before it is silenced. What am I talking about? It’s the award that happens every year, on the red carpet before the Oscar – the celebrity fashion gown gallery. At this very moment, awards are being handed out to the best and worst dressed celebrities. And categories have been created for exiquiste taste, unimpressive or just completely out of this planet.

Reece Witherspoon who was clad in a Nina Ricci chiffon gown, was among the best well dressed. Penelope Cruz stole the spot light with her strapless, down to the feet gown. Surprisingly, Sharon Stone has been criticized for her fashion taste at the Oscar.For more scoop on the dresses worn at the Oscar and to vote best well dressed celebrity, visit red carpet arrivals.

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