Preparing for Your Summer Internship

images_0So you landed that dream internship and now you have nothing to wear! Here’s some advice to get you started on crafting the perfect wardrobe for your internship.

Wardrobe/Internship Apparel: You always want to dress to impress. Key colors for office attire are: black, gray and white. But, it’s not bad to put a splash of color in there, especially since it’s summer. It might be good to re-vamp your wardrobe just for this internship. Good places to go for internship apparel are J. Crew, Banana Republic and Gap. They all have simple key office attire with the trends that are going on right now,

Network: Internships are all about networking and getting to know people. You want to create office relationships so you can possibly get a job in the future through the people you meet at this internship.

Saving money/commuting: Always use public transportation if you can. Offices will most likely have a parking garage but you’ll probably have to pay. Using public transportation means that you’ll have to leave extra early to make it there on time. At least you won’t have to find or pay for parking!

Pack a lunch: Instead of leaving the office to go out and buy food, you should pack a lunch. This helps with time, money and motivation! It might also lead to meeting friends in the break room, which is always a great thing at an internship.

Remember: this internship is all about networking. What you put into it is what you get out of it.

— By Lexie Tiongson, San Francisco University

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