Previously, on Lost: Season 6, Episode 6


Which is more awkward: the fact that in the flash sideways for this episode, Sayid’s longtime love interest Nadia was married to his brother Omar, or the fact that marriage certificates aside, Sayid still showed up at their house with flowers for her? Do not want, Lost. I keep my sci fi and my soap operas on opposite sides of the shelf, thanks.

lost season sixBasically what’s going on in the flash sideways is that Sayid and Nadia had a thing back in the day. But Sayid figured his former torturous ways took him out of Nadia’s league, so he pushed her towards his brother and resigned himself to only making guest appearances in her life. He claims that he doesn’t deserve her, but it’s clear that the two still dig each other. Omar seems to have somewhat of an idea (hell, even the niece and nephew pick up on it) but chooses not to say anything, opting instead to beg Sayid to return to his unsavory roots to get him out of a loan. Sayid initially refuses, insisting that those days are behind him. He eventually has to get involved though, because when your brother winds up at the hospital with a punctured lung, it’s a pretty good indication that it’s time to roll your sleeves up.

Which he does, after being kidnapped off the front lawn, taken to an abandoned restaurant and finding himself face to face with none other than Martin Keamy. That’s right, ladies. Steamy Keamy is back. Turns out, Omar borrowed money from Keamy in order to expand his dry cleaning business, and even though the amount has been paid back in full, Keamy’s still requiring “interest” payments. This scene plays out the way you’d think it would. Keamy goes into a long monologue in which he tries to convince Sayid that he’s not to be toyed with, Sayid listens patiently and then flips out and kills everybody. Forget John Locke – don’t tell Sayid Jarrah what he can’t do. Or…don’t tell Sayid Jarrah anything he won’t like. As a matter of fact, it might be best to just play it safe and not mess with him period.

After wiping out a kitchen full of henchmen, Sayid ventures out into the rest of the restaurant, and eventually stumbles upon a Korean man (guess who?) stuffed into a closet. Remember during the first flash sideways, where Jin was mysteriously led away from Sun at the airport? I’m guessing this is what happened with that. Sayid questions Jin about his name, to which he responds “No English!” Insert dramatic Lost music here as the plot thickens.

Meanwhile, back on the island, Mommy and Daddy are fighting and Sayid is caught in the middle. After interrogates Dogan (the leader of the new Others) about why he keeps trying to kill him, the two end up brawling after Dogan tells Sayid that his scale is “tipped in the wrong direction.” I mean, that is kind of rude. Dogan comes close to killing Sayid, but then decides it might be better to have the Smoke Monster (who sent Claire into the temple to call him out) do it instead. So he arms Sayid with a dagger and convinces him to go out into the jungle and plunge it into the Smoke Monster’s chest. It doesn’t work, of course, but it does give the Smoke Monster time to lure Sayid over to the dark side.

Sayid then goes back to the temple and tells everyone that Jacob is dead, they’re all free, and they need to decide whether or not they want to leave the island by sundown, or else. True to his word, just about anyone still left at the temple at after sundown fell victim to the wrath of the Smoke Monster himself. Everyone except for Dogan and his translator of course, because they fell victim to the wrath of Sayid. Ben stumbling upon Sayid standing over their dead bodies and slowly backing away was the stuff that internet .gif dreams were made of. After it’s all said and done, Sayid walks outside of the temple to join up with the Smoke Monster and his new recruits. He’s got quite the army starting to take form – and there’s still no telling what he needs them all for or why. I mean, he’s a cloud of smoke. Couldn’t he just…blow off the island? Ten episodes left, and I hate to be cliché, but I’m still pretty Lost.


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