Prioritizing First Semester 6 Tips For Success


As they say, the time is NOW! As the year gets off to a quick and exciting start, plan ahead to keep yourself cool, calm and collected for the whole semester.

1. Get Organized

Whether it be a planner or your phone, first semester is when you need to get organized! Having important due dates, and deadlines in your schedule ahead of time, will help you when it comes to time management. Knowing you have an exam or an event, a significant amount of time prior helps tremendously when making plans with friends, or plans to study. No one wants an F, or a Flaky friend either!

2. Goals!

Create a list of things you want to accomplish first semester. This will motivate and remind you what you are working towards. Now you need a plan! First semester is a great time to meet personally with your teachers and talk to them about the best way to achieve your goals. There is always room for improvement so do not be shy to ask for advice and suggestions for improving your performance in their class.

3. Strengthen Your Studying!

The middle of the year, is not the time to realize that you flunk all your test unless you studied at the library. If it is a secure study group or a loyal stack of flash cards. reflect on your past and determine what studying methods worked best for you! This also means coming to terms with what didn’t work… Maybe jamming out to Beyonce while studying for Chemistry was not the best idea.

4. Shop Around

First semester is a great time to join a new group or club. Attend a few meetings of any potential ones that you’re interested in. At the meetings make sure to ask about the time commitment and examples of things you will be doing throughout the year. Attending a meeting or two will allow you to get a feel for what you are signing up for before you fully commit.

5. Take Advantage of Your Resources

Your school has loads of staff, and resources to make your life easier! Schedule a meeting with your counselor, librarian, and or tutor so that you understand what is available to you. Who knew that there was extended tutoring hours during exam periods!?

6. Keep The Stride Going!

There is still a lot more to go! Make sure to summarize the important components and topics you learned for the semester for each of your classes. It may be tedious now, but you will be the envy of everyone come finals!


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