Project Runway Episode 7: Macy’s Makes The Designers Feel Blue

Isn’t it funny that the Project Runway designers get all giddy when they’re creating uber-difficult movie costumes, but stumble like crazy when it comes to dressing REAL women in simple clothes? Episode 7 was all about the team theme again, forcing designers to pair up for a Macy’s INC challenge.

The color was blue, and the outfits were two (with the prize being your own design showcased in Macy’s INC holiday line), but oh boy, you’d think everyone had been asked to create some couture get-up for Madonna‘s next tour. Irina kept criticizing Jordana’s work, Nicolas was SO not feeling Louise’s ruffles, and Christopher and Epperson were just a wee bit too confident about their two choices. At this point, we have to agree with Althea’s assessment of her partner, Logan: The guy isn’t just hot and drama-free – he’s also super-lucky. Color us surprised if he doesn’t make it to Bryant Park already.

Flash-forward to the runway, and we wanted to rush over to our TV and kiss it at the sight of Michael Kors. We like Mike (almost as much as when Heidi announces him as “international jet-setter and designer) and we’ve come to appreciate his little jabs — thankfully, he didn’t disappoint after his oh-so-long absence.

(Surprise, surprise) Logan skated away with Althea to the next round, Irina and Jordana and Shirin and Carol Hannah landed at the top, while Christopher and Epperson and Nicholas and Louise landed at the bottom. “It’s like they paired a disco pumpkin with a shower curtain!” Michael Kors sniped about Team C+E’s shirt dress and halter top with leggings. Christopher lost his shiznit and cried, while Heidi and guest judges ruled Louise’s offerings unwearbale and promised that any Macy’s customer who saw her dresses hanging in the store would be tempted to turn around and walk out.

In the end, Louise got the boot, Heidi gave Nicholas the evil eye, and Irina couldn’t resist running down Jordana even though their outfits won the challenge. Great striped dress = Annoying winner. If Irina keeps running her mouth, we’re betting someone’s going to stab her in the back with a pair of sewing shears.

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