Project Runway Recap: Jet-Setting Challege Conquers Greece

Ok, I’m getting seriously annoyed. This has to be the worst season of Project Runway EVER. I’ve been patient, I’ve bided my time — I even did a lil’ happy dance yesterday when I caught an old episode with Santino and the whole “Where’s Andrae?” debacle earlier this week. But did it help? Of course not! This crew of designers has to be the most boring, drama-free bunch (I blame the L.A. location) to hit the workroom.

Last night, the remaining designers were dragged to chi-chi Rodeo Drive to chat up Michael Kors at his West Coast store. This challenge was all about his jet-set lifestyle, and how everyone had to pick a city that Michael used as inspiration for his designs for THEIR designs. Big whoop. We’ve seen this sort of challenge before, and we KNOW how it all goes down. There’s like one really creative person in the bunch and everyone else kinda just gets by.

So Nicolas’ Grecian pant outfit was an obvious no-no, while Christopher’s Southwest-inspired dress was a hot mess even BEFORE it hit the runway. Carol Hannah, Althea, and Logan seemed fine with their Palm Springs, St. Tropez, and Hollywood looks, while Gordana struggled with her New York dress and Irina bitched up a storm about everyone else while working on her Aspen ski-bunny outfit.

Surprise, surprise, everything played out exactly like the workroom once the designers’ models hit the runway. Nicolas had no idea what Greece was all about, Christopher’s Southwest dress was deemed “unwearable” by Heidi (but guest judge, designer/actress Milla Jovovich did dig on the belt), and Gordana almost had a meltdown when explaining her dress design.

In the end, Irina won, Althea and Carol Hannah made it out alive, Gordana was scolded for not believing in herself, and Logan was told his Hollywood look was way too boring for the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Mary-Kate Olsen. That made Nicolas the odd man out, while Christopher managed to squeak by again (how, I have no idea). Personally, I’m predicting that this will be the first season ever that four women make it to the final four. At this point, Logan’s just getting by on his good looks, and Christopher is apparently the underdog producers can’t seem to part with.



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