Project Runway Recap: Two Is (Not) Better Than One

Ahh, co-designer challenges. We’ve yet to ever watch one where somebody wasn’t crying/complaining/copping to the fact that they were totally going to sell their partner down the river.

So this week’s Project Runway challenge was pretty straightforward: Go on a field trip to a museum, get inspired, then partner up and design a high-end signature look based on your own personal aesthetic. Only problem: When you have two designers working together to create one vision, things don’t usually go as planned.

Right from the start, we knew Ping was going down. This made us both happy and sad since she’d been paired with “Captain Jack Sparrow” Jesse. Boy can design — just not when crazy lady is arguing with him every five seconds, barking over and over and OVER that she was the team captain, and that they had to do things her way. Meanwhile, Jay (last week’s winner who had immunity) kind of slacked off which stressed out his partner Maya, and Mila was so wrapped up in a jacket she was working on, poor Jonathan pretty much had to pull double-duty and do all the cutting and sewing.

We were loving the chemistry between rockabilly king Seth Aaron and Southern queen Anthony (“quit acting up in front of company,” Anthony scolded him when Tim came buy to check on their progress). Sure, their dress was ugly with a capital “U,” but at least they were entertaining. Some of the other designers like Ben and Emilio are so blah, it’s like watching a bowl of oatmeal sit on a counter for an hour.

And then things went downhill when Big Daddy Gunn came back and threw a wrench into everyone’s plans. A second outfit would need to be created as well, and this one needed to be a mass market look based on another team’s outfit..but they could spend $50 on materials. Only one designer was allowed to go to Mood, which wasn’t a problem for anyone…but Jesse. Even Tim agreed Ping’s choice off material looked as hookerish at best. By the time the runway rolled around, it was pretty obvious who would be in the bottom slots and this time it wasn’t Jesus.

Guest judge, British designer Matthew Williamson seemed bored at best, while our beloved Michael Kors didn’t appear to be in the mood to toss around his usual witty quips. Jonathan and Mila (well, basically Mila) got props for doing separates and creating a kick-ass jacket, Jay got called out for slacking, and Seth Aaron and Anthony were scolded for their not-so-glam aesthetic.”It looks like a cotillion party down south from hell,” Kors cracked.

But there were still a few interesting developments we’ve never seen before…like Jesse AND his model throwing Ping under the bus. First he told the judges that their look would have been better…if he didn’t have to spend the whole challenge giving her sewing lessons. Then his model, Megan, broke from the whole “no speak/look pretty” playbook to add in her two cents. She spouted off about the hideous mass market dress she was forced to wear, and how it wouldn’t have sucked if Ping had actually jumped in and hadn’t made Jesse do all the work¬† That’s right, baby. Stand by your man…until he dumps your ass for another model with a better walk.

Eventually Mila’s team won, Ping got kicked to the curb, and the models all decided that Megan needed to shut her mouth since she’s only been modeling for a few months anyway. Hopefully next week will prove to be Jesus’ final swan song, and Anthony will have a chance to redeem his black n’ sassy butt. (Come on, girl. We know you got more going on inside you then just some tired pageant dresses.)

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