Project Runway Season 6 Premiere!

Twittering the Project Runway Season 6 premiere… and sizing up the competition.

Christopher: Education shmeducation. As the judges said, both this self-taught designer and his winning design were “cute and edgy.”

Ra’mon-Lawrence: Former neurosurgery student thought he could contribute more to world with satin and bustles. Seeing his “chic” purple gown, we just might agree…

Johnny: Cuddly former meth addict’s breakdown earned him a one-on-one therapy session with Tim Gunn. Judges rewarded him (unfairly?) with rave reviews of a mediocre dress.

Gordana: Heavily-accented blonde from former Yugoslavia ditches corn and potatoes for big dreams of sea foam chiffon and architectural details. Pretty dress!

Malvin: Filling this season’s androgyny quota, this moody 24-yr old talks like he has something to prove… but designs like he’s trying to blend in. Beige a-line dress: yawn.

Carol Hannah: Wide-eyed Southern girl says she channels “pixies” and “woodland fairies,” but her dress, full of tucks and folds, shows serious skill. Can a blonde ditz win it all?

Qristyl: Exuberant plus-size designer calls her looks “plus-sexy.” But shiny neon-print Emmy gown was more like “plus-tacky.” It takes skill and taste to make it work, girl.

Shirin: Pretty young thing talks about multi-functional garments and Hollywood glamour, but her beige satin dress with gray capelet was underwhelming and safe.

Nicolas: Don’t let the terrible haircut distract from this designer’s skill. Edgy black and silver mini with layers of ribbon got the job done and was just safe enough.

Mitchell: Timing and incorrect model dimensions were this designer’s excuse… but even the original unused dress was a smocked ombré catastrophe. His days are numbered.

Althea: Former Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen intern demonstrates skill with stunning silver gown with chiffon details. Want to steal this dress right off the runway!

Irina: Ditzy puppy lover and Shirin lookalike shows well-made, pretty dress with classy beige lace, satin and black ribbon. Simple sophistication… good enough for us.

Louise: Diablo Cody doppelganger demonstrates old-Hollywood sensibility plus real skill with gorgeous two-tone gown. A look we’d actually wear— this designer’s a winner.

Epperson: Under the radar with kind eyes and killer dreads, this designer’s quiet understated glamour leaves us wanting more. Loved the dress, esp. the tulle bottom!

Ari: Filled role of “crazy concept designer” and went too far with her quilted silver shirt-dress. Hint: dresses designed for Lady Gaga never win. Auf wiedersehen, Ari!

P.S. For a more in-depth P.R. analysis, check out the New York Times’ great article. And, as always, watch season 6 of Project Runway on Thursday nights at 10/9 c, now on Lifetime.

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