Project Runway Recap: Copycats and Claws Galore

Ok, so far my predictions of three Project Runway female finalists looks like it’s coming true. After last night’s episode, it’s VERY clear who’s going to be in the bottom next week…and it’s not the blonde squad or Irina.

So this week’s challenge was all about each designer picking their best piece and creating a companion outfit to go with it. Right from the start, it was obvious that all the nice-nice and blandness we’ve had to deal with this season is long gone now that it’s down to six. Our first hint? “Meana Irina,” the oh-so-charming nickname the designers have given the short and surly winner of last week’s Michael Kors challenge. It seems the pint-size fashionista is rubbing everyone the wrong way, and this week was no exception. Her “I’m not in this to make friends” declaration was made obvious when she accused Althea of copying her winning Aspen look (on the runway no less – meow!). Apparently the Logan love affair is also over, as Althea became mighty heated when she noted that Logan had apparently copied HER zippered collar look from a previous challenge and seemed totally clueless to the fact (like I’ve said before – looks can only carry you so far on PR, folks).

The claws seemed to sharpen as Tim Gunn made his rounds. While Christopher fretted over his flower appliques, Logan sniped that his “grandma had better taste” than Gordana’s drab gray and black ensemble. By the time these six hit the catwalk, it was pretty clear who was probablly going home: Logan, Christopher, or Gordana. Guest judges, actress Kerry Washington and Nick V. from Season 2, sat in alongside Heidi and Nina, and didn’t hold back when it come to critiques. While everyone seemed to love Carol Hannah’s little black dress and Althea’s slouchy sweater and pant look, Nina declared Christopher’s dress a “carnival float” and Logan’s weird futuristic dress a “fashion project from a student.” Nick¬† V. took the Michael Kors award home for best line of the evening, announcing that Gordana’s fashion offering resembled “something an office worker would wear in Warsaw, Poland.”

In the end, Logan FINALLY got the boot, Gordana barely squeaked by, and Christopher had to deal with Heidi snarking that the bottom of his dress reminded her of a bed skirt. You could cut the tension with a knife when Althea won the challege, earning an eye roll from Irina. It’s obvious this mini-me has been worshipping at the same altar as Kenley, given her belief that NO ONE is as talented as her. Easy on the ego, Small Fry. Better designers than you have fallen to the wayside as the competition cranks up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers “auffed” your booty in favor of Christopher just to keep things interesting.

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