Project Runway Recap: Bryant Park or Barf

In the history of my Project Runway recaps, this will be definitely be the shortest, as I’ve given up trying to find anything interesting having to do with Season 6. It think we can all safely say that L.A. sucked the fun right out of this show, and if producers expect us loyal PR devotees to stick around for another season, the cast better book it back to NYC stat!

So Althea, Carol Hannah, and Irena were all busy working on their final collections when Tim dropped in to check on them. This is actually the first time I’ve ever heard Tim be straight-up critical of anyone’s stuff this close to end, but he held nothing back this eppie. Carol Hannah was working in upstate New York and got an earful about some of her pieces looking too “matronly” (of course, this didn’t stop him from rolling up his sleeves to make some homemade biscuits with Carol Hannah’s mom and sis. Tim in a frilly apron? DELISH!). Irena, who’s camped out in shoebox in NYC, got critcized for her choice of faux fur, and Althea (who was holed up in some scary old loft/factory in Ohio) got the trademark eyebrow raise over the “cohesiveness” of her collection.

Have no fear — the girls weren’t really listening. As a matter of fact, they were just too jiggy to get to NYC Parsons already. So Irena and Althea show up there, only to discover that Carol Hannah was REALLY sick and woundn’t be joining them until later. The cattiness instantly comes out, and for once it wasn’t “Meana Irina” dishing it out. Color me shocked when the other half of the blond squad (Althea) sniped that she’d have to be on her deathbed before she’d miss out on this opportunity. When Carol Hannah finally DOES show up, it was all nice-nice even though girlfriend was looking mighty green. Tim, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia also stopped by to offer some last minute advice (God! I hadn’t realized how much I’d been missing MK and his Oompha Loompah tan). Already we can see what’s going to be each of the girls’ downfalls. Althea is the queen of unfinished hems, Irena’s entire collection is black and gray, and Carol Hannah’s stuff (while the best by far), is languishing due to the fact that she’s so sick she can barely refrain from barfing by the time PR producers roll out their “helpers” (Christopher, Logan, and Gordana) for the oh-so-not-suprising 13th outfit they have to create from scratch.

Everybody makes it through the model casting without killing each other, but things turn dire when the three head back to the hotel and Carol Hannah’s illness sends her on a regurgitation run to the bathroom. Althea tries to help, but it’s starting to look like (for the first time ever) one of the final three might not make it to the tents after all.

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