Project Runway Recap: Potato Sack Race

Stunt casting. It happens every season on Project Runway, and usually it’s fun for a little while, but then the judges redeem themselves by kicking the offending designer to the curb. Well, if Season 7 is any indication, we’re going to be stuck with Ping for a very, VERY long time…

This week’s challenge was a play on words. “A beautiful woman can still look great in a burlap sack.” So the designers were dragged out to some NY farm and told they had to create a party-worthy dress from burlap sacks for their models. The catch: Their models would play the role of client and THEY would be picking who they wanted to work with.

Of course, this immediately set of a s**t storm with Mila when her model picked Anthony to work with and then she herself was picked last. Ms. Bitter Bangs continued to gripe about it back at Parsons until Anthony got fed up. “Mila can kiss my ass and all my family’s asses back in Atlanta,” he hissed to the cameras, setting us up for what’s sure to be some future showdown between the two.

Meanwhile, Jesus was really tweaked by his bottom three placement last week and determined to make up for it, but Tim Gunn wasn’t so sure. Mr. “Make it work” didn’t think it worked at all, and scolded Jesus for plying his burlap bag with ribbon in an effort to cover up the material. Amy stressed about being bulldozed by her model, while Jonathan and lounge lizard Seth shared similar concern’s about Ping’s dress design (and with good reason). It seemed obvious to everyone but her that the construction sucked, the waist made no sense, and her model’s ass was hanging out for all the world to see.

Once runway time rolled around, it was clear most of the designers seemed to nail the challenge, while a few majorily stumbled. (Ping, get a clue; Jesus, never EVER ignore Big Daddy Gunn’s advice.) Amy, Jay, and Mila ended up in the top three, while Jesus, Ping, and Pamela ended up at the bottom. “A plain potato sack would have been more flattering,” Michael Kors quipped over Pamela’s hip-heavy denim dyed mini dress. “Too matronly,” crowed Nina Garcia to guest judge Lauren Hutton when discussing Jesus’ design. “Maybe she really didn’t understand the challenge,” Heidi tsked following Ping’s tears (Note: This was the first time in PR history that somebody cried BEFORE Nina or Michael ever opened their mouths.)

In an upset to rival ALL upsets, Heidi and company sent Pamela home, let Ping remain, and crowned Jonathan a winner for his delicate and flowery black cocktail number. How ANYONE could let someone stay when her models butt was showing (um, keep in mind this poor girl had to wear this dress to an industry event), while sending home someone who’s dress might not have been cute, but definitely didn’t look like burlap is BEYOND me. I was pissed off, the designers were pissed off, and secretly I’m sure Heidi, Michael, and Nina were pissed off too, given this one stinks to high holy hell of the producers and Lifetime pulling strings to keep the drama fresh.

Rest assured, the official boycott will begin next week of Ping falls into the bottom three again and isn’t kicked to the curb. After all, with so much bitchiness bubbling to the surface already, one wacky designer isn’t needed to keep the challenges fresh and entertaining.

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