Project Runway Recap: Seeing Red and Broken Hearts

Fact: Most women in America wear a size 10 or larger. Fact: Most models are smaller than a size 6. Fact: There’s never been a season of Project Runway where this mathematical disparity hasn’t sent the cast into a tizzy.

Last night, the designers were challenged with the task of creating an evening gown inspired by Campbell’s Soup AdDRESS Your Heart Campaign. The fabric had to be red and the Campbell’s logo had to be prominently displayed. To top it off, they were assigned real women who had been directly impacted by heart disease. The winner of this challenge would have his or her dress worn during Fashion Week at a gala and it would later be sold on to benefit charity.

Ok, so right off the bat I knew what was going to happen. I mean, the editors just HAD to include a clip of Jesus talking about how he was going to wow the judges this time out, and Jesse complaining that the only reason he was in the bottom three last week was because of Ping. Then the “bang gang” (a.k.a Mila and Maya) had a bonding moment in which Maya admitted she looked up to Mila and hoped they would be besties even though this was a competition. These are bread crumbs, kiddies. Use them wisely – especially if you and your gays are battling it out in some tranny-hot PR fantasy league.

So everybody, and I mean everybody was all up in arms over the fact that their models were (gasp) normal sized. Seth Aaron seemed especially stressed, while Anthony actually embraced it. He and his model had a moment when he told her his own mother had suffered through some heart problems. Tears were shed (not by me, of course) when his model told him to knock his design out of the park with his momma in mind. Meanwhile, Emilio continued to talk crap about everyone’s dresses (sweetie, you like ribbon – we get it), while Jonathan cracked jokes even Michael Kors would have appreciated (“This challenge is a fashion disaster of Chernobyl proportions,” he moaned.)

Tim did his rounds as always, telling Jesse his design was blah and he needed to amp it up. He also liked Anna’s idea to create a Campbell’s logo purse, and cautioned Seth Aaron not to let his client’s idea of a dream dress get in the way of his own vision. (In the end, our favorite rockabilly boy followed Tim’s advice and trashed his original design.)

When the runway finally rolled around, it was pretty clear who was in for some major “heartbreak.” While Amy, Mila, and Maya managed to impress, Jesus, Jesse, and Anna sank to the bottom three. In the whole history of Project Runway, I’ve never seen Michael Kors speechless, but thanks to Jesus’ tacky-times-ten dress, there’s a first time for everything. “It’s like every single tacky thing you could do is on that dress,” he finally lamented. Meanwhile, guest judge Marchesa founder, Georgina Chapman found nice things to say about the top of Jesse’s dress, and gave the star cutouts Mila had implemented for her gown rave reviews.

Amy’s ruffly tiered dress took this week’s prize, while taste eventually won out over execution, saving Anna from elimination and sending Jesus packing. I think I was as shocked as Tim when the perky little designer said his goodbyes without a tear in sight. “I’m only 21,” he explained. “You’ll definitely see more of me.”  At which point I was tempted to add…”designing clothes for Frederick’s of Hollywood.”

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