Project Runway Recap: I Believe the Children Are Our Future…Downfall

Children. They’re like kryptonite to some fashion designers – especially ones on a time crunch. Last night’s Project Runway forced the contestants to “minimize” their creative visions when they were presented with the task of designing a child’s outfit for their latest challenge.

Seth Aaron seemed positively stoked by the prospect (he has a 11-year-old daughter, so he was pretty familiar with the territory), while others like Jonathan were absolutely terrified by the prospect. By and large, most of the designers were like ducks out of water. Anthony complained little girls didn’t have boobs and butts, so what the hell was he supposed to come up with, while Emilio decided he was playing it safe and sticking to some Easter Sunday vision.

Jesse and Janeane both had their own unique take on the challenge: Pull from something familar. For Jesse, that meant reflecting back on a recent trip to Paris and creating some Madeline-like hybrid, while Janeane planned to keep it simple and just modernize a jumper her sister wore when she was little. Others saw it as their make-or-break moment. Amy and Jonathan both said they were going balls to the wall with their outfits and didn’t care if that put them in danger of being in the bottom three (talk about telling words).

Of course this wouldn’t be PR unless Tim threw a monkey wrench into the mix right when the designers were getting into their groove. Halfway into the challenge, the crew found out that little girls weren’t their only worry — their original models also needed complimentary outfits so they could play the “mommy” role on the catwalk.

And from there the contestants veered off onto two paths: Those that rose to the challenge and those that confused the words “mommy matching” with “high-end couture disaster no self-respecting mom would ever be caught dead in.” Seth Aaron’s two looks were so hot and edgy, Gwen Stefani would be jealous; Jesse managed to nail the Paris chic aspect, while Jay worked the urban mommy angle like it was his job.

Unfortunately, those who TRIED to push the envelope pushed it a wee bit too far. Amy’s mermaid fish pants looked like an Olily nightmare, while Jonathan’s white organza dress caused Michael Kors to crow that it reminded him of toilet paper. Guest judge designer Tory Burch concurred, complaining that Amy’s color palette was a disaster, and that Janeane’s two designs appeared cheap, lacked vision, and were really poorly made.

Last week’s low score combined with this week’s bottom three made Janeane’s elimination a done deal, while Seth Aaron snagged his second win much to the delight of the rest of the designers AND Michael Kors (who told him his mommy jacket was the best piece of workmanship he’d seen all season). There’s no doubt in our minds that our fave rockabily dude will make it to the top four, along Ben, Jay, and some fourth wild card (we’d LOVE for it to be Anthony, but we’re guessing it’s probably going to be Mila or Emilio).

Props to the producers for once again testing the designer’s comfort zones. It’s nice to see them coming up with new challenges that actually leave us laughing hysterically vs. rolling our eyes in boredom (can we just retire the ladies who lost weight/a boob/have a heart problem/were recently divorced episodes already? Last time we checked, this wasn’t Project Oprah.)

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