Project Runway Recap: Hardwear

So after a week of reruns we were hoping for a little drama last night, but of course the Project Runway judges had to go and throw a monkey wrench into things – literally. The challenge was to make a complete outfit from everyday items you could find at the hardware store plus a matching accessory. Sand paper, garbage bags, paint trays — you name it, and the designers ran with it.

Unfortunately, things just weren’t looking good for everyone. Seth Aaron, Ben, and Jesse all decided to make their outfits out of copper (which led to some viking-like looks that were ugly at best), while Jay got super-crafty and managed to make some leatheresque pants out of garbage bags (which Tim loved, but caused minor hysteria when they shrunk before the model even tried them on). Emilio was a straight up HOT MESS. His idea to create a dress completely out of round washers crashed and burned when he realized he didn’t have enough, plus they were so heavy, he had to end up scrapping it for a bikini instead.

Ok, so here’s where it gets wonky. After seeing everyone’s designs on the catwalk, we wanted to hit the judges over the head with a hammer. Yes, Jay’s outfit was amazing, but so were Jonathan and Amy’s, but neither one made the top three (yet there was Mila and Mya again – playing favorites much?). Ben’s dress was just as bad as Jesse’s and WAY worse than Anthony’s, but somehow he slipped by unscathed. It’s at this point we realized that while we (and pretty much EVERYONE else on the PR boards) were in agreement that Emilio and his annoying ribbon collection should be auf’d, but the judges did exactly what they always say they don’t EVER do — base their ruling on previous turns on the catwalk and not just on the present challenge itself (lame!).

In the end, it was bye-bye to Jesse (a.k.a. Captain Jack Sparrow), and hello to Jay’s garbage bag couture. Yes he deserved to win, yes his outfit was amazing, but no, there were worst outfits than Jesse’s, and Mila and Emilio certainly deserve to be taken down a few notches…ban saw anyone?

Guest judges

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