A Purse That's Totally You

We all have so many purses—totes, clutches for nights out, everyday bags and our special ones that only get worn for that anticipated date or event. In fact, I just had to designate a two-shelf cabinet in my apartment to store all my bags. But, what if we had something different besides the Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags? Well thanks to 1154 Lill Studio, we can wear handbags, totes, makeup bags, and clutches that we custom-designed on their website.

TaraLill Studio is different from other companies that offer the same luxury. Not only are they the go-to gals for custom bags for stars like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Garner, their products are high quality and you can choose the size, style, patterns, color and ribbing. You can even decide on what color pockets, straps, and interior fabric you want on your purse. If you feel like you have too many choices, you can also purchase a pre-designed handbag from the website.

But why would anyone want to order a custom-designed purse from a Web site? The answer: Lill Studio’s interactive Web site allows you to see what your product looks like as you change the color and patterns and design different aspects of the bag. Because you can see every detail, there are no nasty surprises when you receive your bag in the mail in a few weeks.

In order to have one of these swank, hot purses, log onto www.1154lill.com. When you arrive, click the “design” link, and you will be directed to Lill’s fabulous choices of handbag styles. But there are some favs of mine that I’d love to mention.

For UChicer’s on the go, the Laurie bag with its many pockets and space is perfect for toting a laptop, books and even gym clothes. If you’re ultra-chic, you should try the Jeanne design or Jessica Simpson’s favorite, the Molly. The Tara style is also a great look for the more funky ladies.

Prices range from $25-150, but all the girls carrying them agree they are worth the price no matter which style you choose. If you are in the Chicago, Boston, or Kansas City area, you can also skip the trip online and go see what 1154 Lill Studio has to offer at their ultra-chic stores.

Addresses to 1154 Lill Studios:
904 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL 60614
773.477.5455 (LILL)

4725 Broadway Kansas City, MO 64112

220 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

(Photo: 1154 Lill Studio’s Tara purse)

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