Quick Tips for Better Time Management

I live in New York City, and time seems to be running past me, instead of with me. I have a full school schedule, which I try to cram up with some fun time, and probably some sleep time. But I still end up not getting enough really done to my satisfaction. I’m either lacking in sleep or in my studies. The only thing in surplus is my frustration at wondering where in the world time went.

 So recently, I created a time management plan. And I never thought in a million years that I would be one of those people who would do that! One of things I realized that eats into my time is my cell phone. For example, the moment I decide to crack open a book, my friends start bombarding me with calls. And in my sister-sister spirit, I just keep listening to their conversations.

I have decided that every time I need to read or get some time to myself, I will turn off my phone. And this has worked wonders! I realized the first time I did it, that the world didn’t end because my phone wasn’t turned on.

Another thing I noticed is that, I have the tendency to turn on the TV the moment I get home. It has become more of a habit than an interest on what’s on, yet more likely than not, I get sucked into what ever is on the tube. I am trying to break that habit. By not turning on the set as soon as I walk in the door, I can better focus on the other tasks that I need to get done. 

I also realized that I needed outside help in creating my plan, so I went online and googled "time management plan for college students." A couple of things that struck my attention on a website, were the words "prioritize," "set goals, "organize" and "productivity" (knowing when you’re at your high gear or highest energy level). It’s been a week now, and my plan seems to be working.

So, I have decided to share these helpful tips with all of you. You could visit this website for more info: Study Habits and Time Management

Good luck!

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