Ramen Noodles: A health risk?

I used to eat them after swim practice and sometimes before swim practice too. I would come to school at the beginning of every college year and stock up on a mass purchase of them. All of my friends knew where to find them in my room if they craved some in the middle of the night during a sleepover. Ramen noodles – the loves of every college student’s life.
Apparently, though, there’s a greater risk than just feeling gross after eating our all time favorite snack.

A recent article on MainStreet, by Althea Chang reveals the findings of a recent study showing that ramen noodle consumption may lead to chronic illness.

The study, presented at a meeting of the Dietitians Association of Australia, states that the instant noodles put consumers at risk of nutritional deficits. The study also showed that students spending money on the popular meal were not spending it on healthy fruits and vegetables.

The research then went on to say that those who relied on the noodles for a majority of their meals were at greater risk of chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
First Lady Michelle Obama has been going to great lengths to make sure that affordable healthy food will be available in low-income areas.

This, however, doesn’t affect those people who buy ramen noodles because they actually like the taste of it. Yes, these people exist.

So perhaps, to counterbalance the negative effects of this delicious and popular choice, grab an apple or two on the way to the checkout aisle and continue to enjoy your anti-nutritional sodium, MSG-filled snack, on a less regular basis. If, however, you’re buying it purely to sustain your collegiate budget, there are plenty of other options.
So, what’s your verdict? Will you stop eating ramen or do you just love it too much?

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