Real (Love) Talk Monday: Can LDR’s Really Work?

For many, college years mean an inevitable Long Distance Relationship. Whether, you want to keep your high school sweetheart or you’re simply dating someone from another school, geographical inconvenience is something you’ll have to deal with.

Do they think they can work? Apparently, a lot of people are willing to give it a try. Here are some of the highlights from’s survey results, based on the responses of 1,000 singles:

— 65% of those polled said they have been in a long-distance relationship, and 75% say these relationships can work

— 19% of the singles polled said they’d be willing to hop on a plane for that all important first date

— 50% of respondents said that instant messaging is the long-distance MVP for keeping in touch with your special someone; snail mail is out, with only 3% saying they’d send a letter to keep in touch

— 27% of those polled said they’d seriously consider starting a relationship with someone 100 miles away

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