Regifting: Your Cheap Holiday Alternative

So, Black Friday is here, Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner, and if you’re broke as a joke like most Americans, you may be surprised to learn that regifting is now not only acceptable, but a growing trend.

According to a recent Consumer Reports poll, over ONE-THIRD of Americans plan on regifting this holiday season. So how can you regift without making your present look like, well, um, a re-ject? Here’s a list of suggestions to make your season bright AND budget-friendly.

Perfume or Cosmetics: Do NOT give anything that’s been opened or has been collecting dust in your make-up bag for more than six months. Instead, take advantage of all these great deals offered by brands like Victoria’s Secret or Clinique right now (spend a certain amount of money and get a bunch of free beauty goodies). Your mom, your BFF, or your roommate would love a basket of swag complete with a theme. Party girl? Put together a going-out kit complete with mini liquor bottles and aspirin samples. Sun lover? Go with bronzers, sunscreen, and cosmetics with a high SPF.

Tech Toys: Planning on upgrading your iPod, laptop, or cell phone this season? This is a perfect time to hand off your gently used tech toy to a younger sibling or cousin. Simply clean it up, erase the memory, and add a personal touch like music downloads you know they’ll love, a DIY skin, or a screensaver that’s a pic of you and favorite teen or tween.

Clothing: Clothing can be tough to regift because there’s a good chance everyone has seen you wear it at least once. Don’t go with the obvious and try to stick a friend with a tired old hand-me-down. Instead, raid that unworn pile of bar t-shirts and credit card tees they pass out on campus and rejigger them for a more personalized touch. Funky iron-ons (like these cheap ones offered for just $12.95 at Urban Outfitters or flirty feminine appliques (these sequin stars from Joanne Fabrics are only $3.99 for a package of 6!) are stylish, chic, and totally one-of-kind.

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