Rev Up Your Resume

We all know that a great resume is crucial when it comes to landing a job. Whether it’s your first job, or your first real-world job, it’s a piece of paper that can decide your next step in your career. It’s so important to have a tight knit resume so your next employer can see what you’ve done in the past up until the moment you’re sitting in the interview chair. Here are some tips to rev up that resume and land that job!


#1. Make sure you’re up-to-date:
I cannot stress this enough! Make sure that all of your previous jobs are up-to-date when you’re handing over your resume to your potential employer. They’re not going to want to look at a resume that’s been outdated for the last six months. They want to know the places you’ve interned at, the places you’ve worked and what kind of skills you have.

#2. Make sure it’s in chronological order (starting with the most recent job):
Now that your resume is up-to-date, make sure that your most recent job is at the top of your resume. You want potential employers to look at it and see what you’ve done recently. Think of putting your resume backwards, starting with the most recent job you’ve had and descending down to the very first one. If it helps you, try working from the bottom of the document up to help you place your jobs in chronological order.

#3. Add your achievements:
Hey! There’s nothing wrong with a little #humblebrag! If you’ve received a president’s scholarship, or if you’re in honor society, list that. Like I said, employers want to know everything about you! I would also suggest adding other clubs that you’re involved in at school, because this shows that as a student you’re well-rounded.

#4. Delete the unnecessary jobs:
Don’t be afraid to delete the unnecessary jobs that you’ve had in the past. That waitress job you had? Probably not so relevant to the advertising job that you’re applying to. In other words, my professor used to say, “tailor your resume to the job you’re applying to.” This way, employers will see exactly what they’re looking for based on the job description they provided.

Still need more help? Check out your campus career center!

We hope these tips help you rev up that resume and land that dream job of yours! Remember to #LYD!

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