Sanity Savers: Keep Busy During the Summer

You see them on campus all the time: people promising you free stuff in exchange for signing up for a credit card. The Americans for Fairness in Lending (AAFL) have created a "Punk'd" parody with an Ashton Kutcher lookalike who demonstrates the dangers of predatory lending.

Making sure you stay sane for the last few weeks until school can be difficult. School is almost here and you will have plenty of time to get involved and go to class in a little while. Until then here are some things you can do to keep busy:

1. See Your High School Friends: When you go off to college your friends there can take up a lot of your time. Spend some time with your high school friends and visit with them a few times before you have to go back to college.

2. Spend Tons of Time With Family: Of course you need to spend time with your family. In college going home is few and far between so be sure to spend plenty of time with your family while you can.

3. Keep Up With Contacts: If you have made some awesome contacts this summer log on to LinkedIn and link up with those connections, organize your business cards, and even make some for the new school year. You never know what you’ll need during the year.

4. Make Crafts For School: Sometimes you just need a change of scenery in your room. Get to your local craft store and buy some new items to make for your room. If you want a real change of scenery shop for new bedding and other decor items for your room. Take your time and make sure you’ll love it.

5. Study for harder courses: This is especially important if you are taking courses like foreign language where you need to constantly practice for classes. Also if you need to take tests like the GRE or Praxis you can study for those during the summer too!

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