Save on Tuition— Just Dress Like an Ivyleaguer

Your boyfriend may not go to an Ivy League school… but now he can dress like he does!

Harvard University is getting into the fashion business by teaming with manufacturer Wearwolf Group for a namesake clothing line. Licensing its name and its iconic character with a ten-year deal, Harvard Yard menswear line features the preppy look you’d expect from the all-American university— think plaid, loafers, blazers, chinos and slim ties, with a price range of $165-495. (Harvard’s famous crimson features only so subtly on trimmings, button holes, and the like.)

From a style perspective, it’s not a bad idea. Men’s fashion these days has a decidedly prepster, Ivy-League feel, from cheeky bow ties and wingtips to boat shoes and shrunken blazers. Even hipsters’ beloved Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a 1950’s throwback.

Yet that means that Harvard Yard faces a difficult sartorial test, and based on the preview looks, for once this Ivy League school might not pass. The clothing attempts to tow the ironic line between prepster and hipster that is all the rage; yet the boxy plaid jacket screams “PREP!” too loudly, the floral button-down tries too hard for irony, and the over-all aesthetic is an unharmonious mish-mash of decades and styles that misses the mark.

Harvard’s a little late in the game: fashion has stolen the university’s preppy hallmarks right from under its stuck-up nose, and nothing about the line looks fresh. Our recommendation: steer your boyfriend away from Harvard Yard and towards a subtler College Boy look… Gap and J. Crew, perhaps?

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