Saving Up to Splurge

Every college student knows it’s tough to balance their schedule, so who has time to think about balancing a budget? With all the activities and opportunities for new experiences popping up in and around college campuses it’s hard to know when and where to save money or even how. Luckily there are ways for every Chicster to live life to the fullest without breaking the bank. If planning isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it we’ve got tips!

Out of sight, out of mind. If you have a job, set some of the money you make away. Take a little bit from each check and put it somewhere that you won’t be tempted to dip into. Maybe it’s a bank account or maybe it’s just a box labeled “open in case of emergency concert tickets”, either way if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. By doing this you’ll build up enough extra money to be able splurge on all the fun things that aren’t groceries or textbooks.

Skip now, spend later. Not everyone is a morning person and many people, myself included, need that cup of coffee. Despite this, skipping the expensive Starbucks latte and brewing at home can be an excellent way to have extra money during the week. The same idea goes for buying expensive lunches, snacks, etc. Instead, shop smart and get groceries that will last. Cook at home or pack a lunch and suddenly you’ll have enough money to buy a cute sweater over the weekend or even go out to a dinner or movie with friends.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. A great way to save money is with anything reusable. Get a durable lunch box instead of packs of paper bags or invest in a really good coffee thermos. Sure, these items may seem pricey at first but the investment will outweigh the immediate cost and soon you’ll find yourself spending less on things you’ll end up throwing away and more on things that matter. You may even find a really stylish lunch bag and decide that your splurge will end up helping you save! No matter what, it’s important to know how to pad your funds so you don’t go broke over a big concert or an awesome sale. By setting aside a specific amount of money weekly (or however often you can), you can make sure that you’ll have the extra money to spend without stressing.

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