Saving Superwoman: Every Woman Needs a Sidekick!

You’re life is hectic to say the least. You’ve got multiple jobs, numerous leadership positions, mounds of class work, the girls, the boys and no time for yourself. Just like Lois Lane, it seems you have everything on the outside, but your life is missing one essential element – sanity!

Even though college is the perfect place to try a little bit of everything, sometimes we take it to the extreme. Between building the perfect resume and trying to get the best out of the college experience, a young woman needs a breather. We can quickly lose sight of what is really important like finding out who we really are and how to be us at our best.

Well, consider this blog your handy dandy, never fail sidekick. Your how to guide to surviving the stress of being an all-around overachiever and an arena for all the things a superwoman needs to be saved.

From the creams to cover up those under eye puffs after late night studies (or drinks) to motivational mantras to keep you as sane as any superwoman can pretend to be. For the fabulous days when buildings are jumped in one fowl swoop to the intense times when Kryptonite is near, we will be here with our advice, from one superwoman to another. So, put on some Alicia Keys and let someone else do the talking for a change!

See you in the skies…

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