Saving Superwoman: Getting Over the Hump (Day)

Not everyday is a good day for saving the world and even superwomen have rough patches. Mondays and Wednesdays can be some of the hardest days in a girl’s week. With meetings, interviews, and assignments it is easy to get discouraged. But a little self motivation always helps (along with a fabulous outfit to cover up the drab mood). So the next time you get a little down, close your eyes and try one of these mantras to keep the supervillanous stress at bay, put a smile on your face, and the world in tact.

For tackling that test or acing the interview:

“I deserve this! I have worked hard and therefore I will reap what I sow. I am a woman who knows what she wants, and I will go after it.”

Or for a day when nothing is going your way:

“Today is a bad day, but tomorrow can only be better!”

Try creating you own motto that will keep you motivated no matter what. Your saying should include your goal along with the ideal characteristics it takes to get there. The next step is to make it real. Hang it on the wall above your desk, write it on the top of your exam or say it when you look in the mirror. No obstacle can hold a superwoman down when she has a motivational mantra to recite. “Up, Up and Away!”

See you in the skies…

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