Saving Superwoman: Happy V-Day ({})

V-Day doesn’t only honor Saint Valentine. It is also the name of an organization of superwomen coming together to uplift other women who have been victims of violence. This Valentine’s day forget the chocolates and check out “The Vagina Monologues” instead.

On February 14, 1998 the first performance of “The Vagina Monologues” by Eve Ensler (a true superwoman) in New York began to raise awareness about the many women who continue to suffer from rape, genital mutilation, battery or sexual slavery. Just like Valentines, V-Day is a statement of love. We superwomen have the power to love ourselves, defend ourselves and support those whose voices go unheard. The performances raise money to send to local shelters or other international anti-violence organizations.

One of my favorite monologues is My Short Skirt which is especially relevant in a time where hemlines are steadily decreasing and date rape becomes more prevalent in our college communities. We are still made to believe that provocative clothing = “loose.” So is raping a woman in a short skirt justified? Eve screams the answer:

“My short skirt is not an invitation, an indication that I want it or give it…Believe it or not [it] has nothing to do with you… My short skirt is not proof that I am stupid…My short skirt is my defiance. I will not let you make me afraid. My short skirt is not showing off, this is who I am…My short skirt is happiness…is liberation…but mainly my short skirt and everything under it is mine.”

Until the Violence Stops, is the independent film marking the progression of V-Day into a global movement. The organization’s latest undertaking is the “Turning Pain to Power” Tour in joint with UNICEF to raise awareness about abuse of women in Democratic Republic of Congo.

And like all struggles their movement has met opposition. Catholic universities and organizations feel V-Day is comparable to a “St. Valentine’s Day massacre.” They oppose the stories of true superwomen, women who not only survived but were willing to spread the word.

Become a Vagina Warrior and Save a Superwoman! Visit to find or start the V-Day chapter on you campus and to get more info on the movement. This Valentine’s Day, love yourself, love your body, love your beauty and put up your V for peace, for victory, for VAGINA!

See you in the skies…({})

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