Saving Superwoman: Sidestepping the Sniffles

It’s that season again… the person next to you in class is coughing out a lung and you’re pretty sure your roommate has something like pneumonia. On a campus with thousands of students packed in close proximity it is rare to avoid the latest winter bug.

But a superwoman has no time to be immobilized by bacteria, so your faithful sidekick has come to the rescue with tips on staying infection free! And if you’re already on the list of cold casualties, we’ve got a few suggestions for maintaining that flawless appearance of picturesque health through snot and sniffles.

1. Sanitize Your Space: The spines of library books, the keys on computers and definitely that desk in class are a germ’s best friend. When you can’t escape the hundreds of hands that roam the college halls, it’s important to remember your pocket size hand sanitizer (Try: Burt’s Bees Aloe & Witch Hazel Hand Sanitizer Spray). Spraying the doorknobs and countertops of your dorm room can also help to avoid sharing more than the remote with your roomie. But remember nothing can replace good old fashioned soap and water.

2. Meet the Flintstones: Vitamins are a daily must, but especially when illness is near. A regular multivitamin, like new One A Day Teen Advantage For Her, can stop a sore throat from morphing into a full on viral attack. It is especially essential to increase your Vitamin C intake, so stock up on the O.J. If you already have the symptoms, try DayQuil to keep you running your usual superwoman stunts without the drag of drugs.

3. Dress weather-wise: Your wardrobe is the key to warding off all disease. UGGs and miniskirts, hoodies and shorts, gloves and flip flops are just not weather appropriate or fashion forward, so opt for layers instead. Cardigans and scarves are just some of the must haves for this fall that can be easily adapted from breezy afternoons to frigid nights. And if you already have the shivers, a stylish outfit can make a throbbing head and running nose seem much more fabulous.

4. Take a Sick Day: Even superwoman has “Get out of Class FREE” cards on reserve and staying in to rest can help cure any ailment. But use your time wisely. Make sure to e-mail your professor explaining your near death experience and get your assignments taken care of while on bed rest. You have a lot on your plate and a day without class can be the perfect time to get a break from the hectic humdrum and catch up on your soap operas and Ramen.

With these simple tools a superwoman can dodge the latest campus virus with ease and continue on the track to world domination without missing a beat.

See you in the skies…

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