Saving Superwoman: Superhero 101

Watching our President-elect last night surrounded by my fellow students in the local chicken joint, a weird thought ran through my mind – Barack Obama is a modern day superhero!

With an O on his chest and an American flag as his cape, Obama jumps from state to state giving solutions to the villainous issues of healthcare and a flailing economy. Chanting his victory catch phrase, “Yes, We Can,” as he flies away to his secret lair, the White House.

Well…obviously that’s just my imagination, but our soon to be President certainly dons the qualities of a successful superhero and a phenomenal leader. We superwomen could definitely take a few pointers as future leaders.

It’s all about charisma – that personal magnetism. It’s one of the key characteristics of every revolutionary, and superwoman. Obama’s speaking ability and powerful message are things that help him to draw a following, but his bright smile and ‘Average Joe’ demeanor are also essential for his achievements. He exudes all the qualities of a leader – honesty, humility and intelligence.

So, where can a superwoman get some of this charisma stuff?

Some say you are born with it, but it can be learned. Eye contact, body language and confidence are all things that help create charisma. Try practicing your delivery in the mirror or being your own cheerleader to build a self-assured aura. Don’t forget to smile! And believe me once you’ve got it, it becomes a lot easier to get what you want. Whether is be a summer job, an A in Economics or that cute boy you saw yesterday in the quad.

Now that you know what every superwoman needs to be super, you are well on your way to getting your own fan club!

See you (and Barack) in the skies…

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