School Spirit with Style: Victoria Secret’s Collegiate Collection

You may not be thinking about school much these days, but you probably are thinking about shopping. With Victoria’s Secret newly expanded Collegiate Collection, you can do both. The mega-retailer has teamed with over 30 American universities, from ASU to Mizzou, for an adorable line of PINK-meets-college gear. The cute knit pieces, including tees, sweatpants, hoodies, and more, are a great alternative to your average college bookstore gear— the scoop-neck and v-necks tops, yoga pants, and slim-cut sweatshirts all boast flattering, feminine cuts.

Our personal favorites are the gray crewneck tee ($26.50) and the drapey pullover hoodie ($54.50) for subtle school spirit that can be worn from class to the dorm to the game. For more blingy, rah-rah enthusiasm, there are football jerseys, baseball hats, and sweatpants with rhinestone embellishment, plus tons of other basic pieces like tanks and sweatpants. The best part? Everything retails for under $70, perfect for a limited college wallet.

But only some lucky girls get the chance to wear Victoria’s Secret PINK gear with their alma mater’s logo… I was a little bummed to find that my own Barnard College hasn’t yet been added to the Collegiate ranks. But the company is adding new schools all the time, so go online and vote for your school and move it up in the rankings on the PINK Collegiate site!

As for now, here are the schools with cute PINK gear to call their own:

Arizona State University, Florida State, University of Alabama, University of Arkansas, LSU, University of Nebraska, University of Kentucky, University of Kansas, University of Florida, University of Michigan, Penn State, University of Oklahoma, University of Illinois, University of Texas, University of Tennessee, University of Wisconsin, University of Georgia, University of Arizona,  Indiana University, University of Iowa, University of Pittsburgh, Purdue, Mizzou, West Virginia University, Michigan State, Texas Tech, University of Mississippi, University of Utah, University of Miami, University of Southern California, UCLA, Texas A&M, University of Washington, FAMU, Southern University, Howard University, University of Cincinnati, NYU, Army, Navy, Binghamton, UConn, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, University of South Florida,University of Central Florida, Syracuse, Washington State, Stanford, Spelman, Cal-Berkeley, Auburn, University of Colorado.

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