The Scoop: The Devil Wears Prada

Excited for *The Devil Wears Prada*, out in theaters on Friday? Can’t wait for the inside chic scoop? You’re in luck! Exec Editor, Stacy got to go to a sneak peak of the movie last night. Log in tomorrow to read about her experience at the screening and her review of the movie!

*And yes…those are above-the-knew Chanel boots she’s wearing.*

What’s A Green Degree??

It’s actually a Master’s in Environmental Project Management and it’s becoming increasingly popular among today’s eco-conscious 20-somethings.

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Make the Most of Your Experience If You Don’t Have An Internship

_”Even if you’ve never worked in an office — your college days have given you more experience than you might think. You just need to strategically market your campus activities.”_

*You can creatively market the following five things if you lack internships.*
1. Coursework
2. Part-time Jobs
3. Campus Leadership Positions
4. Clubs and Other Extracirriculars
5. Volunteer Work

This is a good article from MSN and CareerBuilder. It’s nice to know that some employers still care about your experience. I went to an interview last week and they didn’t even glance at my work history.

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My Life On Mondays meets Fashion Blog: a deadly combo

What do you get when a shopaholic college grad quits her day job in order to job hunt from home, but the Monday morning she’s all set to go it’s pouring rain? *Online shopping!* Kidding. Maybe. Anyway, yes it’s true, I’ve scaled way back at Banana Republic. I needed a change. But I still love ya BR. In fact, they’re having quite the summer sale right now.

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