Senior Year: 5 Step College Graduation Prep

AH! The time has finally come to venture out into the real world and start your professional career! It’s an exciting time, but also stressful. Even though it is exciting and new (and let’s face it—a little sad), there are some steps that we all have to take to prep for graduation. We’ve gathered 5 tips you’re stress free when you receive your diploma in your cap and gown!

1. Check Emails. I can’t stress enough how important it is to check your email daily on your school’s email address. There’s always emails that seniors should pay attention to, like cap and gown pick up and graduation ticket pick-up! My school especially has a week for the seniors, and if you don’t check your emails there could be important information that you miss, as well as important dates for senior portraits!

2. Complete Your Exit Counseling Information. Like many of us, unfortunately we’ll be leaving college with student loans (some of us with massive amounts of debt). Fortunately, colleges participate in Exit Counseling, which is a seminar that helps college seniors get information on how to deal with college loans, like which loan repayment plan to choose, and how to deal with debt.

3. Get a Graduation Dress(es)!? Definitely one of the highlights of graduation is a new dress.There’s going to be more than one senior event as it gets closer to graduation (senior formal, senior dinners, senior mass)—you’re going to need some new outfits or raid a friend’s closet for some other options!

4. Keep Track of Class Assignments. I know senioritis is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop turning in assignments on time! Make sure that you’re keeping track of times and dates that your classes’ assignments are due, as well as finals. You can’t miss those!

5. Enjoy it! This is the home stretch ladies! Make sure you’re making it count! Take lots of pictures, embrace adventure, and create new memories with your friends before you drift off into separate ways. Life’s way too short to stress out.

Congratulations on graduating seniors! We hope all your dreams come true in this next phase of life.

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