Senior Year Checklist: Planning for College


By Amanda Cross, University of Central Arkansas

You’re almost half-way through your senior year; now what?! There’s a lot to do, we know, but you, too, can be a college pro¬†before you even step foot on campus:

1. Apply: Obviously the most important thing with planning for college is applying to college. It’s important that most of your applying happens in the fall so that in the spring all you are worrying about is choosing the perfect college for you.

2. Go on a college visit: Colleges provide you a variety of ways to get to know their campus and college. From college tours to college days get your college visits lined up by contacting the admissions office of the colleges you love.

3. Become a budgeting wiz: Whether it’s financial aid or personal finances, learn about both before you get to college. It’s important to be on top of your finances in college because your parents aren’t always a few minutes away to bail you out.

4. Learn to study: You’d be surprised how many people come to college without truly knowing how to study. If you know which study methods work best for you now it will save you a lot of trail and error in college.

5. Hold a leadership position: College is all about getting involved. Start early by beefing up your high school involvement resume. Whether you get involved on your high school campus, in your community, or online is up to you!



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