Sexy NYC Holds a Design Contest


Lingerie. We ladies know it well. For some special nights we pick it out months in advance. It’s all elaborately decorated, but what are they, the men, expected to supply– a boring, foil wrapped ticket to a night elaborately planned– or at least hoped for.

We all know there’s those special Friday night panties you wear to the club– no one wears their granny panties, so why should the official wrapper of a condom be any less special? Well, New York City has a remedy for it– an official condom wrapper contest. The city health department is inviting the public to submit their suggestions for these special-limited edition wrappers which will ultimately be “seen” in over 40 million bedrooms– as that’s the number distributed by the Sexy City per year.

So do you think you have what it takes to light a fire in the hearts–and pants– of the feisty New York population? Think of the exposure you could get…or at least that your art will get ;).

Entries are due by Jan. 22, 2010. Check out this link to submit a design and apparently their old design is quite sophisiticated– and featured on Facebook, but would you expect any less from the City that spawned Carrie Bradshaw and her sexy pals? I most certainly would not.

So go out there U Chic women and, as the NYC Condom slogan says, “get some.”


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