She is Her: I Am Me by Ashlee Simpson


*Alright, I admit it, I purchased I Am Me*, the sophomore album from SNL darling, Ashlee “it-was-my-bands-fault” Simpson, which came out yesterday. To be perfectly honest, I actually enjoyed her last cd. And I definitely prefer her music to anything from her sis Jessica. So I was eager to see _(listen)_ to her new disc. So far, I’m noticing a lot more emphasis on guitar _(instead of her voice)_, but I like L.O.V.E., a song about the bond between her and her girlfriends.

I just want to take this moment to defend my musical integrity by listing the other cd’s currently in my cd player _(none of which are by Hilary Duff)_. No seriously, *I’m crazy into the Killers, Keane, HelloGoodbye, Motion City Soundtrack and OK GO*.

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