Shoes and Bags: How to Decide What Stays and What Goes Out

There are two things that are important to a woman, among many others. The first is a very, very reliable handbag. It’s the pouch we can’t do without. And typically, a reliable hand bag should possess the qualities of a committed, dedicated and trustworthy personal assistant. It should also be a very sincere and loving make up artist. But most importantly, it should make us more of a fashion icon. The second thing dear to a woman’s heart are shoes. We can never get enough, no matter how many unused shoes lay in our closets. We believe that every shoe has its own magic. There’s something that each shoe does for us when we combine it with the right outfit, make up and weather that another almost similar shoe can’t do. It’s likened to a lover.

 A good shoe like a good lover must fit perfectly into our busy lives. It must understand that during the day, we might have to walk an extra block to catch a cab. And at that point, it must bear our burdens in a way that we feel comfortable walking that distance. It must also understand that while going through the hustle and bustle of life; it mustn’t lose the aesthetic appeal that drew us to it in the first place. It must look elegant while still taking care of us. If its initial attraction to a woman was its sexiness, then it must maintain that look.

Coupled with all these qualities these accessories should have, a woman feels completely dressed and not half naked. She doesn’t wonder if people are staring at her shoes, wondering if she dressed up in the dark, or if she rushed out of the house a little too fast. Since our lives are mostly controlled by schedules upon schedules, I picked up a few quick and easy tips to make us women still look chic and adorable. Big bags as we all know, are in vogue. But we must be careful not to make the bag look like the most obvious item we have on. In other words, other items on us should also have a share of the limelight. So an appropriate size would be a bag that isn’t too small to carry even our cell phones! And a bag that isn’t too big, that it seems we can fit a wardrobe of clothes into it! Something in between would make a woman’s look feminine and confident.

Now with regards to shoes, as a woman my list would go on. I can’t say how important it is to choose the right shoe. The first thing a woman should consider is the color. It’s important to know what colors blend with your wardrobe. It’s also important to know what colors could suit an evening occasion or a quick lunch. I would suggest a little more color during the day and less at night. This way, when one walks into a lounge, it wouldn’t seem obvious to someone across the room , that one’s wearing fushia colored shoes. Another thing that’s important, and it is because I ‘ve faced this problem in the past, is the shape of a woman’s feet. If a shoe is in vogue but it just doesn’t work for the shape of your feet, honey let it go. It’s better to wear a shoe that is designed for your feet type, than to wear what is in fashion because by doing that you might be going out of fashion. The best thing to do would be to ask a shoe expert at a shoe store to help you choose styles that go well with your feet.

Wear shoes that are comfortable. You really don’t want to spend a lot of money later on going to the podiatrist for foot treatment. I would suggest that shoes with high heels are worn to walk a short distance. While shorter heels can be worn whenever. The aim is to look chic and not fatigued. Adding all these tips should help us women still look fly while working hard.

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