The Single Girl's Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Retailers love to get a head start on making single women feel even lonelier than they already do.  Heart-shaped pastries, roses, and red dresses populate window displays the minute Santa finishes making his rounds.  “The most wonderful time of the year” is immediately followed by what is, for many, the worst.  Here are a few tips to avoid adopting a gallon of Cherry Garcia as this year’s valentine. 

 Don’t Be “That Girl”

We understand that Valentine’s Day is about as fun for you as a hangover. Even so, don’t dwell on your single status, because no one wants to listen to you lament about not having anyone to spend the day with. Which leads us to…

Pretend You Don’t Care

Lying to yourself is a life skill that every girl has to perfect at one point in her lifetime.  Instead of run-of-the-mill-fishing-for-compliments fibs like, “Don’t you think I’ve gained two pounds?” or “No, the dress looks so much better on you!” pull out the big guns on this major holiday.  Reasonable lies include “You’re too good for all the losers out there” and “I like, love being single.”  This tactic is an instant ego booster.

Dwell on Others’ Unhappiness

The first Valentine’s Day that couples spend together probably include about 8-10 scented candles, something pretty that grows from the earth, and good sex.  The remainder of these holidays will serve a single purpose: accurately tracking the demise of the crap shoots that we once called our relationships.  So stop lamenting your own lack of romantic success and focus on the doomed relationships surrounding you instead.  Think about how many people are going to some overpriced French bistro with their so-called soulmate only to realize that they would rather be with someone else.

Reclaim the Day

Who says that February 14th has to belong to couples anyway? Gather your friends and hit the bar scene, have a game night or watch a marathon of so-bad-their-good reality shows. Or just treat yourself yourself to a relaxing spa date or bubble bath. Either way, the best way to endure Valentine’s Day is to remember that its a fakey Hallmark holiday created to sell lots of random junk like stale chocolates and cheesy greeting cards. It’s just not worth feeling bad about–especially since V Day only lasts 24 hours.

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